SERIES VAC-5000 Single Wrap

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To handle 2″ through 4″ I.D. hose
  • Heavy-duty reel for longer lengths and large diameters of vacuum hose through 4″.
  • Choose gear driven crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor.
  • Standard: 90° ball bearing swivel joint with female NPT threads.
  • Standard fluid temperatures from -20° F to +212 °F (-29° C to +100° C). Optional temperature ratings available – consult factory.
  • Single Wrap Configuration: use where width dimension is minimal, such as between cab and tank, mounted transverse to frame of truck.
  • Provides effortless and fast rewinding and wrapping of hose.
  • Easy access to hose from both sides of vehicle.
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Additional information

Reel Type


Reel Name

816-25-26-10.5B, 818-23-24-10.5J, 818-25-26-10.5 SD, 818-25-26-10.5B, 820-25-26-10.5A, 820-30-31-10.5A, 820-30-31-15.5A(W 3/4" OUTLET), N515-14-16-8L, N515-16-17-10.5C, N818-23-24-10.5J, N818-23-24-10.5J(1"X50' CONTI. BC), N818-23-24-10.5J(1"X50'X300 PSI HOSE), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X50' CONTI. BC), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X50'X300 PSI HOSE), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X75'CONTI. BC), N818-23-24-10.5J(3/4"X75'X300 PSI HOSE), N818-25-26-10.5 SD, N818-25-26-10.5B, N818-25-26-15.5G


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